The Iron Crown of Madness

Iron Crown ringed with sharpened spikes


Faint whispers can be heard emanating from this crown.
Enhancement: Item bonus to insight based on tier.
+2 Heroic.
+4 Paragon.
+6 Epic.

Property: The wearer of this crown gains tremorsense based on tier (1,3,5).

Power (Daily): Standard Action. The wearer of this crown can create an earthquake that is centered on the wearer (Close Burst 2). The creatures caught in the area are knocked prone and the area is considered difficult terrain until the end of the encounter.
Paragon tier: Close Burst 5. Enemies are pushed 1 square and take 2d6 damage.
Epic tier: Close Burst 10. Enemies are pushed 3 square and take 4d6 damage.
Special: The wearer of this crown is affected by the power.


The tiefling general Achazriel, wore this crown into the tunnels when Razortear fell. The crown was recovered and used in the arcane pact that created Achazriel, The Destroyer’s House.

The Iron Crown of Madness

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