The Heart of Fire and Iron

Bleeding heart pendant wrapped in iron


At the end of this chain is a heart wrapped in cold iron that still bleeds.

Enhancement: Bluff, Fortitude, Reflex, and Will based on tier.
+2 Heroic.
+4 Paragon.
+6 Epic.

Trigger: You are hit in melee
Power (Daily * Recharge Special) as an immediate action, your blood bursts from your wounds and set the enemy that hit you aflame for ongoing 5 + con mod (save ends).
Paragon tier: Ongoing 10 + con mod (save ends).
Epic tier: Ongoing 15 + con mod (save ends).

Special: This power recharges by submerging the pendant in the blood of a sentient creature (INT > 5).


The arcane pact made by House Zannifer, The Red House, was fashioned into this object.

The Heart of Fire and Iron

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